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Now boost your training by adding the Starter Kit to your Skill-Building Bootcamp enrollment!


You can get hands-on training in WordPress while building a business website you LOVE!

I’m all about multi-purpose learning.

That’s why I created the Starter Kit, a way for you to get hands-on training that will boost your money-making skills AND your business—at the same time!

The Starter Kit

Get the hands-on WordPress training you need without locking yourself into a long-term hosting commitment!

Learning skills is best done with hands-on experience.

And because I truly believe in supplying you with everything you need to really get the most out of the skills I teach in Skill-Building Bootcamp, I put together this Starter Kit for you to help you boost your skill-building efforts and build a strong foundation from which to start your business!


90 Days of Access to a Practice WordPress Site + Support!

Value $179

Get access to a WordPress website that’s all your own to practice and follow along with our WordPress training course so you can get hands-on experience using WordPress! 

Hands-on experience in this valuable tool will increase your appeal to potential clients while also helping you in your own business, too!

PLUS, you can migrate your student site to your own custom hosting and domain in order to use the site for your personal business!


90 Additional Updated Training Videos!

Value $249


Your student practice website will come with 90 additional training videos installed right in your site that will help you master three of the most popular WordPress plugins to boost your money-making skills: Yoast, WooCommerce, and Jetpack!

These training videos are NOT found in Skill-Building Bootcamp and ONLY come with the Starter Kit!

The training videos will be installed directly on your WordPress practice site for easy learning at the source!


Access to DIVI and the Divi Builder + Divi Training!

Value $299

Your student practice website will come with the Divi Theme and the Divi Builder pre-installed to give you the opportunity to learn this wildly popular WordPress Theme in order to build more in-demand skills and build your business at the same time!

Use your access to Divi to learn new money-making skills and/or to build a beautiful business website for your own business!

Either way, you’ll get a ton of value out of this very powerful website design tool!

LIFETIME ACCESS available when you migrate your practice site to your own hosting plan and custom domain!

ONLY $297

Valued at $747

Add on the Starter Kit to your Skill-Building Bootcamp enrollment by clicking below!




What happens to my website AFTER 90 days?

Great question!

When your website expiration approaches, you’ll receive three separate reminder emails to make sure you are aware of the upcoming expiration.

You’ll then be presented with two options:

  1. Purchase an extension for an additional 90 days of access, or…
  2. Migrate your student site to your own custom hosting and domain!

You’ll be given all the instructions you need for retaining access to your website inside the Starter Kit!


Do I have to purchase hosting in order to migrate my site?

Yes. In order to save all of your hard work and to retain lifetime access to the WordPress Training Plugin, Divi, and the Divi Builder, you’ll need to purchase your own custom hosting plan and domain in order to migrate your site to an account you own.

Student sites are owned and maintained by Build Your Skills. In order to retain ownership of your student site, you’ll need to migrate your site off of my servers and onto your own custom hosting plan with a hosting provider of your choice. 

Of course, I highly recommend SiteGround because they’re awesome. 😉


What if I don't purchase an extension or migrate my website?

You definitely do not have to purchase an extension or migrate your site to your own hosting plan! If you’d like to ditch your site after the program, you totally can!

Just know that if you choose not to purchase an extension or to migrate your student site to your own custom hosting plan, your student site will be deleted upon expiration. 

The reason for this is that our servers have limited capacity, and when a site is no longer being used, we must remove it to make room for other student sites on our severs. 

Why does this cost extra? Why doesn't it come with my enrollment?

I like the way you think! This is a very fair question.

The Starter Kit was designed to give students a hands-on learning tool in addition to the full-length training program. WordPress is a super powerful tool, and WordPress skills are highly sought after in the online space. 

In order to give you more practice and not just theory, I strongly feel getting into a WordPress site and following along with the WordPress training portion of Skill-Building Bootcamp will give you the BEST possible training and increase your skill retention dramatically. 

And in order to provide that hands-on training, I have to pay a lot for a hosting plan that will accommodate ALL of my students’ practice sites, access to Divi and the Divi Theme, access to the WordPress Training Plugin (which I pay for on a monthly basis!), and the extra hands-on support from me and my team above and beyond what’s provided in the training program.

Should I purchase the Starter Kit or just purchase my own self-hosted WordPress site?

That’s totally up to you! 

I created the Starter Kit to help students get the hands-on training they need without committing to a long-term hosting plan.

This is especially beneficial if you’re not quite sure what you want to name your business and, therefore, don’t know what domain name to choose. 

With the Starter Kit, you don’t have to worry about it until you’re ready to start your business.

I’ll walk you through all of this in the Basic Necessities for Building a Service-Based Online Business course within Skill-Building Bootcamp!

Do I have to purchase the Starter Kit or a WordPress website in order to participate in Skill-Building Bootcamp?

Not at all! But in order to get the most out of the program, you should definitely have access to a WordPress website where you can follow along with the training videos. It’s not 100% necessary, but it is 100% recommended. 


What is the refund policy for the Starter Kit?

The Starter Kit is currently non-refundable.

As soon as you purchase your Starter Kit, I start working on building your student site. That means I spend money securing space on my hosting servers just for you, among other important tasks to build your hands-on learning environment. 

Once you enroll, I’m 100% committed to supporting you along the way. Therefore, I encourage you to only enroll if you’re 100% fully committed to the learning process so you can reach your goals. I can’t make it happen for you, but I can give you every opportunity I can to learn the skills you need to make it happen. The rest is up to you. 🙂