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Interested in joining The Skill-Building Bootcamp Affiliate Program? Check out the program details here and fill out the registration form below to sign up! Here’s what you need to know:

Commission Rate: 20% of every sale!

BONUS Level 2 Commission Rate: an additional 10% of every sale your referral affiliate makes!

Cookie: The Skill-Building Bootcamp Affiliate Program uses the last-link-clicked industry-standard cookie. Our cookies last for 365 days.

Payouts: Commission payouts will be made through PayPal. Please provide your PayPal address in the “Payment Address” field on the registration form. Payouts will be made at the beginning of each month between the 1st and the 5th. All commissions will be eligible for payout after the refund period has expired, which is on the 15th day after the purchase is made.

Your Earning Potential

Check out the types of affiliate income you could be earning right now as an affiliate of the Build Your Skills brand! 
Prices below reflect our current prices as of May 1, 2019.


Basic Enrollment

Skill-Building Bootcamp Basic Enrollment (Full-Pay): $497

Your commission (20%): $99.40

Your BONUS commission (10%): $49.70

Skill-Building Bootcamp Basic Enrollment (Payment Plan): $97/mo for 6 months

Your commission (20%):
$19.40 for each successful payment
(Totaling $116.40/completed payment plan)

Your BONUS commission (10%):
$9.70 for each successful payment
(Totaling $58.20/completed payment plan)

VIP Enrollment

Skill-Building Bootcamp VIP Enrollment (Full-Pay): $997

Your commission (20%): $199.40

Your BONUS commission (10%): $99.70

Skill-Building Bootcamp VIP Enrollment (Payment Plan): $197/mo for 6 months

Your commission (20%):
$39.40 for each successful payment
(Totaling $236.40/completed payment plan)

Your BONUS commission (10%):
$19.70 for each successful payment
(Totaling $118.20/completed payment plan)

Bonus commissions are made on the sales of your child affiliates (i.e., affiliates you’ve referred to our affiliate program!).

A Brand with a Deeper Purpose

Build Your Skills is a proud supporter of the work done globally by CURE International, an organizations with hospitals all over the world helping to bring healing and restoration in the very literal sense to children who would otherwise be marginalized, persecuted, and in some cases, killed for their handicaps and disabilities.

At Build Your Skills, we have pledged to donate 10% of every enrollment we sell to assist in the aid that CURE provides to these precious members of our global society. And by participating as an affiliate of Build Your Skills, you’re helping us provide life-changing surgeries, procedures, and support to the most vulnerable among us.

Every $1,000 donated = 1 life-changing surgery

Doesn’t that seem a little… too easy? It did to me, too. But because of how CURE responsibly manages their funds, they’re able to keep costs EXTREMELY low, allowing each donation to stretch its farthest to help as many people as possible. That means for every 10 enrollments we get, we are providing a complete life-changing and, sometimes, life-saving treatment to a child.

Worth it? Absolutely.  

Heya, friend!

Even before I started Build Your Skills, I knew I wanted to build a business with a deeper purpose fueling it. I wanted my brand to stand for something more than just making money, because really, we can’t take it with us when all is said and done.

I truly believe our lives are defined by the legacy we leave behind when we’re gone. As for me, I want to leave the kind of legacy that leaves this world and the lives in my path better than when I first arrived.

CURE is about more than helping the sick among us. It’s about breaking down the lies these vulnerable members of our global society have been told by their own—that it’s their fault… that they’re worthless… that they’re unworthy. It’s about healing the bodies and spirits of the world’s most broken, most forgotten, and most likely to perish without ever knowing they matter.

By partnering with CURE, I am saying I stand with them. I’m saying that I won’t turn a blind eye. And if I can use my business as a force for good, to help the least among us, then I know it’s a business worth having.

THANK YOU for partnering with me to make a bigger difference and to leave a legacy that will no doubt send tangible ripples across generations to come.

With love,

Katie Chase

The Faces of CURE

Curious about CURE? Check out this short video where the doctors and leaders who are in the every-day trenches at CURE hospitals share about the work they do and how it’s changing lives:

You know what’s even more awesome? CUREkids gives us a unique opportunity to connect with real kids and get updates about their progress before, during, and after their treatment. For updates on what CURE is doing right now and to see the kids you’ll be helping (and to donate to a child directly), head on over to https://cure.org/curekids.

How It Works

Ready to register? Here’s how the program will work:


Step 1

Fill out the registration form below after agreeing to the program terms.


Step 2

Await your registration to be approved. Approvals will usually be issued within one week.*


Step 3

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Step 4

Start promoting! You can now start earning up to commissions by sharing Skill-Building Bootcamp with your audience!

*Submission of application does NOT guarantee admission into the affiliate program. We will review each application and make the final decision regarding application approvals and denials. 

Program Requirements


To be eligible for The Skill-Building Bootcamp Affiliate Program, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You have a blog or website that has been active for a year or more. 
  • Your brand/website must not engage in any illegal activity or post any illicit content, including (but not limited to) pornography, drugs, violence, hate speech, etc.  

For more information about our program requirements, terms, and conditions, refer to our Affiliate Agreement

By filling out the registration form below, you are agreeing to the following terms:

  • You will NOT misrepresent Skill-Building Bootcamp, Build Your Skills, Katie Chase, or any other associated parties by making false or misleading claims about our product(s), including (but not limited to) promising add-ons that aren’t included in the program (this does not include your own bonuses to encourage enrollment), indicate in any way that our products will make students rich easily or with little or no effort, depict our course as a “get rich quick” scheme, offer a review of the course if you have not actually been granted access to the curriculum, or any other falsified or otherwise dishonest representation. We hold our courses to the highest standard of quality and wish our products to be represented with respect and honesty with the intent to uphold the integrity of our brand, content, students, and graduates.
  • We reserve the right to remove you from our affiliate program at our discretion if we feel you have dishonestly represented our brand, if your site is “spammy” and does not meet our standard for promotion, if you are misusing your affiliate link in any way, and/or if we discover you are abusing the CAN-SPAM Act or GDPR while promoting our products to your email list.
  • We reserve the right to remove your affiliate account if your link has been inactive for more than twelve months (no leads) or if you have not referred any sales within your first six months as an affiliate.
  • We will NOT accept email referrals. All referrals must come through your affiliate link.

Thank you SO much for endeavoring to be a part of our amazing team of affiliates! We are looking forward to working together with you to boost your income-earning potential through our program!


Affiliate Application

Fill out the application below to apply for the Skill-Building Bootcamp Affiliate Program. Once we receive your application, we will review your site to see if you qualify. Upon approval, you’ll receive your login information and your links!